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We are Licensed in both Illinois and New York.  We are experienced State and Federal Attorneys, former prosecutors and  excellent Trial Attorneys.  We can also appear pro hac vice as needed throughout the United States before various Federal Courts. 

Reasonable Flat Rate and Hourly Fees.  Contingency in some cases.  Call to make an appointment with us today.

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We are two experienced attorneys with two General Practice Firms.  We concentrate in business litigation, criminal cases, including appeals, DUIs, juvenile, traffic, and municipal ordinance violations, as well as licensing issues throughout the State.  We also expertly handle personal injury cases for clients with serious injuries caused by another's errors, negligence or mistakesFrom our individual Law Offices in Chicago, located in the north loopsnear downtown, we serve the Northern Illinois region including Cook, Will and Lake Counties and anywhere else our clients' needs arise.  We are aggressive and honest attorneys and are ready, willing and able to represent clients from every wake of life.

We handle cases in Cook County and represent clients, individuals and businesses, in outlying courthouses including in Chicago, Illinois, at the Daley Center, and in the Second (2nd) Municipal District Courthouse at 5600 Old Orchard Rd in Skokie, Illinois.

We assist clients with all kinds of cases, including in business matters and in cases involving allegations of criminal activities as well as in handling issues relating to probation (including supervision, supervised supervision, and conditional discharge). We are available for free consults with defendants in custody or facing an arrest. 
We normally do not charge clients for phone calls advising them about their cases.
If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, and the court appointed an attorney from the Public Defender's Office, we offer payment plans and, in pursuit of our mission to help all, we help some people pro bono. In pursuit of our Christian mission, we accept some cases pro bono. If you have an arrest warrent, contact us for a consultation. We offer low-cost, affordable payment plans. We even accept credit cards through paypal for a small fee to paypal.

If you missed a court date, we can assist you with changed court dates, bench warrants, motions to quash warrants, and motions to vacate bond forfeitures. We also are fluent in and speak Spanish, Greek and Italian.  Se Habla Espanol.

Contact us directly at:  (773) 848-4444 or (773) 544-1370

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